I was just in a meeting when I heard this phrase “If only I could remember my password!..” Our lives move more and more online: work, banks, health. New services open constantly. Old companies are finally embracing it as new companies are leading the way. And for every new service we love (or have to use!) we have to remember a yet another set of login details – usernames and passwords.

The solution most of us probably tried to remember it all – using the same password for all our accounts. Big problem. Although it’s easier to remember, but so it is to get access to our other accounts if someone gets access to just one. You really don’t want anyone to gain access to any of your accounts, especially your business website or online banking.

Then of course you can modify each password according to the service with some clue you can remember. This one takes serious discipline, and again could be easy to guess once one is accessed. And then, of course, you forget your own system… and back to “Forgot password”, reset, confirm, etc.

The best simple solution out there is a Password Manager system like LastPass or 1Password – remember one long complex password once, and it securely looks after all your logins. Much better. And now, as of 2 November 2016, LastPass is Free for both desktop and mobile. I know if feels like yet another account to set up, even if it’s free. But once it’s going, it’s really worth it for your peace of mind, as well being able to actually get access to your accounts when you need it, instead of doing the old “Forgot password”, reset, confirm, etc

If you are looking after your business website and need to log in to make updates – having a Password Manager is critical. A hacked website can cost a business thousands (or much much more) per day. So:

  1. Create a complex username and password for your login: non-dictionary, mix of letters, numbers, symbols.
    Ideally, get your Password Manager to generate safe passwords. If it’s impossible to remember – thats a good sign.
  2. Install LastPass or 1Password and get it to remember it for you. Just really make sure you do remember that one password!

Take care and protect your accounts online, and you will thank yourself for years to come!

If you’d like more info or help setting up your website with a password manager or have questions about creating a secure website – feel free to contact us.